About Us

Why did we start IT Bods?

We started the IT Bods as we wanted a platform to share our views on the I.T industry and Technology in general. From all things Cloud, to the latest and greatest Hardware, We will try to keep you entertained with posting our own views and opinions,in a relaxed, down-to-earth environment.

We are at different times of our career in the I.T Industry and have totally different backgrounds, so the thought of an IT/Tech based blog sounded like a thing we would love to do.

We also want to give readers an insight into our day to day situations in the I.T Industry, the fun support tickets we receive, the large scale projects that get implemented and our experience at attending local and national events in the industry, think local Azure/AWS & developer events to the larger scale Microsoft & general technology events.

Tom – Who is he?

Hello bod! I dropped out of Sixth Form to join the NHS in an apprentice IT role where I managed internal systems in my local area. Here I gained solid sysadmin knowledge and later self taught as a web developer. The vast majority of my knowledge within IT is all self taught and on the job, I’m a big believer in “hands on” experience over the normal educational system.

Since then, my field of IT has changed from development back to sysadmin and engineer work focusing on O365 and SSO platforms such as OKTA. I’m currently self learning the MS certification path, looking at MS-700 and the MS-100/101 exams.

When I’m not sitting in front of my computer I enjoy playing football, video games and sometimes I go outside… Oh and I forgot to mention, I’m a Manchester United supporter and huge Star Wars nerd.


Jamie – Who am I ?

Hi There! I started in the IT industry in 2013 whilst studying Computer Forensics at Liverpool John Moores University. I’ve always been a bit of a technology nerd, reading the latest news in technology, to watching Tech YouTubers and listening to technology podcasts.
My interest has grown massively since graduating from University to getting thrown into the deep end of being a lone, one man band sysadmin, to working for a small & large scale MSP.

My personal focus has been cloud based development and how “the cloud” can influence today’s business. I have recently been focused on Microsoft Azure and gaining experience and certification in Microsoft’s big push into the cloud sector.
Outside of tech, I’m an avid Liverpool FC supporter and often attempt to play football & golf & a bit of gaming when I have a spare half hour.